The Arguments Every OpenStack User Must Make

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Bright ComputingI was recently interviewed by David Strom for an article that appeared in Bright Computing’s Bright Blog.

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We opened with a discussion on recent criticisms of OpenStack, specifically in the area of delivering on agility and uptime. My responses here weren’t published, but my general take was that an organization’s ability to achieve agility and uptime in a private cloud had more to do with that organization’s operational disciplines than with it’s choice of cloud management platform.

In the discussion, I reiterated my view that enterprises should look to cloud (public or private) as a strategic enabler, as apposed to a technology delivering a tactical outcome such as cost savings:

It is all about achieving greater agility. [OpenStack] is great to address questions such as, “What could we do as a business if it took us minutes to provision resources and not weeks?” Or “What could we do as a business if we could cut the time developers waste on chasing down resources and focus that on more creative activity?”

For more, check out the original article.

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  • Abbas Sarfraz

    Great comment Sam. although, I’m not a OpenStack guy but your comment on Cloud Computing should be considered a Business Acceleration Platform than just being a cost saver. Mid to large enterprise are least concerned about cost and focus more on how they can alleviate their business performance in whole.

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