The Arguments Every OpenStack User Must Make

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I was recently interviewed by David Strom for an article that appeared in Bright Computing’s Bright Blog. We opened with a discussion on recent criticisms of OpenStack, specifically in the area of delivering…

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Cue the Bunny People: Intel Extends “Intel Inside” to the Cloud with New Intel Cloud Technology Program

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Launched in 1991, Intel’s “Intel Inside” marketing slogan and accompanying advertising campaign has been famously successful. The campaign, launched two years after the introduction of the company’s 486 processor, made…

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StrongLoop’s LoopBack: An open-source mBaaS for Node.js offering IaaS, PaaS and on-premise deployment

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The arcane ritual of configuring application servers and writing deployment scripts is a rite of passage experienced early and often in the world of the Web application developer. Mobile developers…

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Talking Cloud, PaaS and Big Data on Digital Nibbles Podcast

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Last week I had the opportunity to join Reuven Cohen (@ruv) and Allyson Klein (@allyson) as a participant on their Digital Nibbles Podcast. We covered a lot of ground, and…

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Exploring Private Cloud with Datamation

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Tuesday I had the pleasure of participating in a great discussion about private cloud, hosted by James Maguire of Datamation. I was in great company — also participating were Andi…

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