Cloud Links for January 27, 2012

150 150 CloudPulse Strategies
  • On Privacy, and Software Vendor’s Access to Customer Data
    "A mini firestorm broke out recently when 37Signals posted about their 2011 growth statistics. As part of the post, 37Signals told the world that the 100 millionth file to be uploaded to their software was the picture of a cat. Naturally those who subscribe to conspiracy theories got all fired up and started to express massive concern about 37Signals being able to access customer files."
  • When Patents Attack! | This American Life
    Why would a company rent an office in a tiny town in East Texas, put a nameplate on the door, and leave it completely empty for a year? The answer involves a controversial billionaire physicist in Seattle, a 40 pound cookbook, and a war waging right now, all across the software and tech industries.
  • Cloud Computing Both More Agile and Less Expensive
    "Don’t get trapped in the "either-or" discussion of agility versus cost. Don’t even imagine that these two characteristics are really different. They are just two expressions of the same phenomenon, virtualization automation."

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