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    Cloud Links for September 19, 2009

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    • VMware’s “No OS” Application Platform Strategy | The Virtualization Practice
      Nice strategic piece on the post-OS reality VMWare is gunning for.

      "The radical game changing part is what is missing from the picture below. Note (that as I have previously predicted) the OS is not present in the picture. That’s right, VMware is going to directly glue the frameworks that it either has some control over (SpringSource) or the ones that it can easily influence (all of the open source ones, by simply contributing libraries to the distributions) to the VMware Guest infrastructure."

    •  NASA Nebula
      NASA Project Nebula architecture
    • Cloud Engineering: Somebody Has to Do It – Gartner [$$$]
      "A new set of skills are poised to become part of the skill set that management will apply when making decisions regarding cloud services — that of a cloud engineer. Because cloud services typically deliver commodity-like capabilities, often with consumer-grade SLAs, enterprises will increasingly be dealing with the challenges that result. This will create the need for cloud engineering. Gartner defines cloud engineering as the process of designing the systems necessary to leverage the power and economics of cloud resources to solve business problems. It is based on some of the fundamental characteristics of cloud computing, along with two characteristics of the intersection of the cloud and the IT organization."

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