Cloud Links for September 14, 2009

150 150 CloudPulse Strategies
  • Cambrian Cloud Explosions Coming — Seeking Alpha
    “So then what happens when IT is freed from the shackles of manual scripting and configuration and change approval committees, and IT pros can focus on policy (security/access, application delivery, network, expense, etc)? Tools evolve leveraging the new infrastructure that enables new potentials, similar to what occurred when desktop OSs evolved (from CLI to GUI for example); users expanded and created markets for more tools for more processes.

    The dynamic, persistent link between application, network and system becomes the foundation for a cloud OS, which in turn transforms the network equipment industry by reducing opex and justifying new levels of capex, new levels of investment in infrastructure 2.0 gear. That in turn creates new markets for new applications which are not truly network nor system; they are likely virtualization or cloud applications offered by those who saw this coming and planned for the explosion.”

  • ElasticVapor :: Life in the Cloud: What is an OpenCloud API?
    @ruv opines on Open Cloud APIs
  • Google CEO keen on M&A to extend cloud computing lead | Ethiopian News
    It’s been said that the down economy was a good thing for the cloud computing market. That said, an up economy will be an even better thing. Timing is everything.
  • Clarifying Internal Cloud versus Private Cloud – Data Center Networks
    James Urquhart on Internal/External vs Private/Public clouds. While I agree that Private is not always equal to Internal, James’ [re]definition of increasingly accepted terminology just serves to muddy the waters by introducing the existence of unified control systems as a defining characteristic.

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