PaaS Makes Progress in 2011

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The following excerpt is from an article I wrote titled PaaS Makes Progress in 2011, published on ReadWriteWeb.

While Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) has always had its cheerleaders – yours truly included – the harsh reality is that, commercially speaking, PaaS offerings have underperformed relative to expectations for several years running. This is particularly the case among enterprises, which have, by and large, turned a blind eye to the technology.

Past performance notwithstanding, many industry watchers have predicted 2012 to be the breakout year for PaaS in the enterprise. Gartner, for example, reportedly communicated at its November Application Architecture Development & Integration conference its belief that 2012 marks the beginning of a rise in PaaS adoption from almost zero (3% of enterprises) to nearly half of all enterprises (43%) in 2015.

While it remains to be seen whether 2012 goes down in the history books as the year PaaS makes good, much of the groundwork for PaaS’ predicted success was laid in 2011. Here are some trends from the past year…

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