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    What Problems do Grid and Cloud Computing Solve?

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    I was recently interviewed by the good folks at InfoQ, and the resulting interview has been posted to their site. The interview spanned a variety of topics including our Open Distribution program, Spring support, and our over-all strategy; I encourage you visit InfoQ to take a look at more

    On Speed Racer and the High-Performance Computing Market

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    When I was a kid, I loved Speed Racer, the cartoon series just recently brought to the big screen by the Wachowski brothers. The thing I remember most about the cartoon was its extremely liberal use of the word "chasm"--that simply wasn't a word you heard very often growing up in New York City. read more

    Is grid relevant? Modern grid computing and today’s enterprise.

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    For many, the phrase "grid" continues to carry the baggage of first generation grid computing, which was marked by complexity, rigidity and worst of all a lack of relevance for the vast majority of problems faced by mainstream businesses.  This is certainly no longer the case with grid-based application platforms like Appistry EAF, which are easier to use, flexible and built to support service-oriented and transactional applications--the bread and butter of modern IT--in addition to those with a CPU-intensive more