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    AWS Management Console: One Small Step for Amazon, One Giant Leap for Cloud Computing

    150 150 CloudPulse Strategies
    One of our 2009 cloud predictions was that "Amazon Will Release Tools to Enter the Platform Arena."

    There was an element of that prediction that we knew was a given. But there were a number of lingering questions, such as how would they respond to end-user demand for a management more

    Unlocking the Power of the Cloud for Application Development

    150 150 CloudPulse Strategies

    We talk to a lot of developers and architects about cloud computing, and one of the things that we run across from time-to-time is an element of skepticism due simply to the incredible amount of hype out there in the marketplace. I know it's hard for you to believe that software engineers are a skeptical bunch, and maybe it's just that we talk to so many in the "Show Me" state, but it's true.

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