The Disintegration of PaaS

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The following excerpt is from an article I wrote titled The Disintegration of PaaS, published on ReadWriteWeb.

In PaaS Makes Progress in 2011, I argued that the previous 12 months had been pivotal to the advancement of platform-as-a-service. As a result of this fast-paced evolution, the PaaS of 2012 is quite a different beast than that of just a couple of years ago. While this second-generation PaaS differs in many ways from initial forays in the field, one of the most important distinctions is that this new PaaS has been disintegrated, or at least made more modular.

Before you run off thinking I’m advocating the destruction of PaaS platforms, please realize that I am not. Rather, I’m referring to the shift away from monolithic, one-size-fits-all PaaS systems towards more open, loosely coupled platforms that makes it easy to consume code and services provided by third parties…

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