Three New Tools Bring Machine Learning Insights to the Masses

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The following excerpt is from an article I wrote titled Three New Tools Bring Machine Learning Insights to the Masses, published on ReadWriteWeb.

Over the past few years, machine learning has quickly become the “secret sauce” of large-scale web sites. Machine learning systems have historically been hand-crafted by the small armies of computer science and mathematics Ph.D.s in employ at places like Google. With the growing popularity of machine learning and other statistical techniques, the demand for so-called “data scientists” (software developers and analysts with the skill to apply statistical techniques to large data sets) has exploded since 2010.

As a result, these rarefied skills have become extremely difficult to find and expensive to retain, driving up the cost of machine learning systems and making it difficult for enterprises and smaller web firms to apply the technology. In the data scientist talent shortage is opportunity, however, and a new breed of software platform is rising to meet this need. Building upon the low-level big data infrastructure now available, these new platforms seek to democratize machine learning and advanced analytics, making their benefits available to enterprises and firms who either can’t afford or can’t find enough PhDs and data scientists. The first of this coming wave of machine learning-powered platforms is launching at this week’s O’Reilly Strata conference. Here are three companies leading the way…

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