TWiML Talk #41 – Data Pipelines at Zymergen with Airflow with Erin Shellman

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NOTE: I host a weekly podcast on all things machine learning and AI. The main page for this show is over on my This Week in Machine Learning & AI podcast web site. Check out the complete notes for this show here:
Erin Shellman – Data Pipelines at Zymergen with Airflow


The show about to listen to features my interview with Erin Shellman. Erin is a statistician and data science manager with Zymergen, a company using robots and machine learning to engineer better microbes. If you’re wondering what exactly that means, I was too, and we talk about it in the interview.

Our conversation focuses on Zymergen’s use of Apache Airflow, an open-source data management platform originating at Airbnb, that Erin and her team uses to create reliable, repeatable data pipelines for its machine learning applications.

Continue on to the complete show notes:
Erin Shellman – Data Pipelines at Zymergen with Airflow


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