LSTM’s, plus a Deep Learning History Lesson with Jürgen Schmidhuber

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This week we have a very special interview to share with you! Those of you who’ve been receiving my newsletter for a while might remember that while in Switzerland last month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jürgen Schmidhuber, in his lab at IDSIA, which is the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research in Lugano, Switzerland, where he serves as Scientific Director. In addition to his role at IDSIA, Jürgen is also Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of NNaisense, a company that is using AI to build large-scale neural network solutions for “superhuman perception and intelligent automation.”

Jürgen is an interesting, accomplished and in some circles controversial figure in the AI community and we covered a lot of very interesting ground in our discussion, so much so that I couldn’t truly unpack it all until I had a chance to sit with it after the fact. We talked a bunch about his work on neural networks, especially LSTM’s, or Long Short-Term Memory networks, which are a key innovation behind many of the advances we’ve seen in deep learning and its application over the past few years. Along the way, Jürgen walks us through a deep learning history lesson that spans 50+ years. It was like walking back in time with the three-eyed raven. I know you’re really going to enjoy this one, and by the way, this is definitely a nerd alert show!

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Jürgen Schmidhuber – LSTM’s, plus a Deep Learning History Lesson

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Jürgen Schmidhuber – LSTM’s, plus a Deep Learning History Lesson


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