This Week in Machine Learning & AI – May 27, 2016: The White House on AI & Aggressive Self-Driving Cars

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This Week in Machine Learning & AI brings you the week’s most interesting and important stories from the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This week’s episode explores the White House workshops on AI, human bias in AI and machine learning models, a company working on machine learning for small datasets, plus the latest AI & ML news and a self-driving car that learned how to drive aggressively.

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Here are the notes for this week’s stories:

Martin Ford and the Rise of the robots

The White House Takes on AI

Teaching Machines Human Biases

This Self-Driving Car Learned to Drive Like a New Yorker

From the Rumor Mill

Machine Learning Models with Less Data

Bonus for Devs: Churn prediction with Spark

Didn’t Get to This But You Should Know

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