Unlocking the Power of the Cloud for Application Development

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We talk to a lot of developers and architects about cloud computing, and one of the things that we run across from time-to-time is an element of skepticism due simply to the incredible amount of hype out there in the marketplace. I know it’s hard for you to believe that software engineers are a skeptical bunch, and maybe it’s just that we talk to so many in the “Show Me” state, but it’s true.

Fortunately, once we get beyond all the buzzwords and hype, the substance behind cloud shines through and we’re able to have great conversations about the implications of cloud on software development.


There are many implications… By making infrastructure more readily available, cloud can streamline a process that is frustrating for many organizations. (It seems like there are never enough boxes around!) And certainly cloud changes what users expect of our applications (e.g. QoS characterstics), impacting the choices we make during application architecture and development.

These are some of the issues we’ll be addressing, along with our partner Skytap, in an upcoming webinar called “Unlocking the Power of Cloud for Application Development.” I invite you to join us for for the hour-long session, to be held on Wednesday, December 17th at 11 AM Eastern Time (2 PM Pacific).

Some of the topics we’re planning to discuss include:

* Benefits of a cloud-based development environments to build, test and deploy your applications

* Best practices for building cloud-ready applications, and retrofitting legacy applications for the cloud

* Case studies featuring end-user successes with enterprise cloud computing

but I’d love to hear your feedback. What else would you like us to address on this topic?

Please do join us for the event. You can register here.

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