Webinar: The Economics of Scale-Out Storage

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Please join me for the first in a series of webinars on the Economics of Scale-Out Storage, hosted by Red Hat and featuring yours truly. Register here to attend.

Looking to build a business case for deploying scale-out storage in your organization? Explore the many capital cost advantages of scale-out storage in this webinar, part 1 of a series on the economics of scale-out storage, featuring CloudPulse Strategies analyst Sam Charrington.

How scale-out storage affects your bottom line
Scale-out storage technologies like Red Hat Storage have rapidly gained popularity over the past several years, successfully crossing the chasm from niche technology to mainstream enterprise solution. As this shift occurs, more enterprises want to understand the advantages of the newer technology when it comes to the storage of exploding amounts of unstructured data.

Many have explored the advantages of scale-out storage from a technology perspective. But few have taken on this challenge with a focus on the bottom line. Until now.

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  • DynTek

    This will be interesting because we have seen a popularity in scale-out storage technology. The goal is identifying your up front needs first so you can scale up properly.

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