This Week in ML & AI Podcast – 7/8/16

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    Since moving the machine learning and artificial intelligence podcast to it’s own site, at, I’ve been a bit lazy about posting the latest shows here. Sorry about that.

    Here’s this week’s show:

    * Societal and economic implications of AI from latest White House workshop
    * A BS meter for AI, and beer brewed by AI
    * Business: More acquisitions and fundraising. One VC’s investment thesis on bots. Microsoft’s AI strategy.
    * Research: ML/AI for diagnosing eye disease, Alzheimers. Predator robots.
    * Tech: IPython 5.0 release, Skype Bot Framework updated, Microsoft Project Malmo goes open source.
    * Projects: Teaching an AI to write Python code. Retrieval-based models for chatbots in TensorFlow.

    BONUS: A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the forthcoming O’Reilly book, Mastering Feature Engineering, which is available now as part of their Early Access program. The folks at O’Reilly reached out and offered FREE access to the ebook to all TWiML listeners. Link in the show notes.

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