Services for Vendors

As a B2B technology marketer, you know that great content is the key to generating strong lead flow and propelling prospects through the sales cycle. But great content, even just “good content,” can be extremely difficult to produce.

Strong content, it turns out, requires a level of concentrated effort at odds with the “interrupt driven” nature of our work. What’s more, even if you could hole up in a cave for a few weeks, the technical nature of many products means you’d likely need your CTO right there with you.

Because fresh content is so critical, many marketers turn to external writers for help. However, finding the right consultant can be a challenge. As a marketing executive, I often found myself frustrated by writers and consultants who struggled to grasp my technology and message, and paid insufficient attention to detail.

Your experience with CloudPulse Strategies will be different!

Sam applies his 15+ years of high-tech marketing, sales and business development experience, supported by a strong technical foundation, to help marketers and executives drive leads and revenue by delivering outstanding content backed by innovative campaigns.

When you choose CloudPulse for your content creation projects, you get a team that Gets it, and Gets it Done!


  • We know the tech, and won’t ask you 10 times to explain basic concepts
  • We’re sticklers for detail, and sensitive to the subtleties of your message and positioning
  • As marketers, we always demanded top-quality output and that’s exactly what we deliver
  • We respect your time and work independently

We’d love to discuss your next content creation project. Please contact me here, or call (415) 727-1850.

Services for End-Users

CloudPulse provides insight and decision support tools that help to eliminate confusion, simplify decision-making and maximize the return on your cloud and big data investments.

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